Good News for Android Users Easy-secure will play a vital role for your Android Devices

Bangalore, 19th April 2017:   The economy is moving towards a cashless scenario with the shift from leather wallets to online wallets, where physical banking has been replaced by online banking and mobile apps have become a part of our lives. So here we are trying to secure your money and mobiles from evil hackers. In this online world we have made your life easier and now introducing an Innovative App Easy-secure, which will ensure you are protected on your android mobiles.
Mobile theft has been increasing day by day but now not more to be tolerated because we have launched an application called Easy-secure which will not only give you the location of the thief but also the picture of the thief who tries to unlock your phone 
The features for this application are as follows:
 The user will receive the photograph of the thief who tries to unlock the device along with the location his or her registered mail id
 At any point, if the thief tries to change the SIM the user will receive the new number which is been used by the thief on the registered mobile number
 Remotely you can wipe your entire phone data just sending a code of your choice.
 Anti-Hacking feature is available where all your application in the phone are safe including all your banking apps, In this feature, you have control on all the apps you use
   The unlimited Backup option is available in Easy-Secure App where users will be able to take all the backups of the phone
    Antivirus feature is also available where all your apps can be scanned properly to work more smoothly.
And many more features are available in Easy-Secure and it’s a user-friendly application which can be easily used by a common man
To activate this app one needs to spend just Rupees 365/- for the whole year. Easy Secure Company has its Presence in many places in India and now it will be available in Bangalore also. Easy Secure is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company based at Indore.
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